It was her wedding day, and nope she didn’t choose a very bright red coloured *ghagra* for herself. Instead she decided to go for a very light shade of pink & off-white. Her mother kept telling her, how light colour clothes don’t suit such occasions, she was superstitious.

But the bride wore what her going-to-be husband wanted her to wear. Love was in the air…for her. 🙂

Today was a special day for him too, he was nervous about it all. He was happy too, finally his dream was about to come true. As he was ready to go, he made sure he remembered to keep the photo of the one he loved in his wallet. He said to himself, that his love for her will never die. He prepared a gift, wrapping it with a sheet which had hearts all around.

The two were so madly, deeply in love that they decided to break a ritual and go see each other before the marriage. As they saw each other, both turned their colours, she turned red..blushing while while she moved towards him. He turned red too, trying to hide his anger. Suddenly there was a noise beyond the calmness between them. The noise of the bullet, was the brides gift.

While he said, “you killed my love & now it’s your turn to die.” She replied saying “thank you so much for marrying me.”

As the blood rolled down from the middle of her head, the ritual of the *sindoor* was done.

Who knew the *ghagra’s* colour would change into crimson red.


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