Out of all the promises there laid one, which was not spoken,
the relationship of a father and a daughter could only create laughter.
A father is the only man,
who tells his daughter that she can.
She can run the world,
even with all the whirl.
He was the man of his words,
but this time it wasn’t the words but the actions that did wonders.
She didn’t need a teacher,
when she had her father.
For he taught her the most difficult lessons,
by giving her the most simple reasons.
She grew up doing a lot of mistakes,
but she found her father standing with an ice cream stick.
To make her understand,
the world is not about all the broken bands.
There is more to life,
but you achieve it only when you strive.
He always told her to set the goals,
the she could achieve with all her roles.
The roles one plays in their life,
either brings in happiness or makes one walk on a knife.
Nothing comes easy but, I would stay,
the father would only say. 🙂


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