It’s almost time, it’s time she is about to leave, the doctors exclaimed. Just these two lines shook her entire family, yet there was this one person who still had the last hope that she’ll survive cancer. There was this person who thought cancer was just another hurdle in her life. It will not choke her, she’ll not let that happen to herself. Yes, the word is as small as a six letter word, but it’s painful toΒ go through it. The person believed that she, the one fighting cancer is a warrior. All of us are warriors. The one who did not give up on hope, was the patient herself.

She survived. Not only because of all the prayers around her, but because she had a will to fight for herself. To not give up on something that shakes most of our hearts. We don’t know what will happen, we don’t know if tomorrow will ever arrive ? All we know is that we have today, we have the moment, why cry and waste these moments too ? Why not build beautiful memories with beautiful people around us ?
There are people who are fighting every second ! Fighting for food, shelter and unfortunately there is a fight for humanity too.
Fighting and not giving up are distinguished by a very fine line. While you fight for something, you tend to involve and prove a point to the world. However, not giving up on the last hope is just something you are aware of. You don’t need to satisfy any other person, as you and your heart knows that you are strong enough to face it all. In fact face it all in a very calm and composed manner, in a way that could only bring in the result with either a yes or a no. In a way that will not create a chaos.
Let the last hope live, for you don’t know when the situation changes. Of course, there is zero guarantee for the situation to be in your favour.
But, what if ?
The answer to this positive attitude will be achieved only when the first step towards, not giving up is taken. πŸ™‚


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