Aren’t we all living beings,Β 

then why brutally cut someone who has a life more than we think ?

The little girl when entered a place of her dream,

she felt as if she belonged to it and not to the lavish cream.

Why aren’t the trees cared about ?

Was her only doubt !

Is it the hurt that no one understands,

Or is it the need for land ?

“If you think that trees don’t feel the pain,

then i’m sorry you are highly mistaken.”

They feel the sharp edges of the axe cut through them,

Not leaving a single stem.

“I’ll save you my friend,

And stand here till the very end.”

The next morning when she sees,

there was not one, but many trees.

Who was the saviour she was looking around,

She saw a man sowing seeds in the ground.

‘I’m as old as that tree, my mother sowed’

To the little girl he said,

‘It’s not one tree that matters,

Because we do need a tree to build a ladder.

The world is a monster,

But you are a saviour, so don’t wonder.

And start working by sowing a few seeds,

To save YOUR world from the monster’s deeds.’ πŸ™‚


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