What a flirt he was, will he ever be serious for me ? Was on question that bothered the girl. She was new to the school, when she saw this tall and thin guy entering the class late. There was something about him, that attracted the little girl towards him..mind you despite of a warning from her father πŸ™‚

She was in her best uniform, while he had red shoelaces in his white school shoes and he kept flaunting his new phone.
All they did in the class was to fight like “Tom and Jerry” but somewhere between these small disagreements, arguments and laughter the girl became sure of her feelings, but the boy got close to her only for her friend.

But today, after three years of knowing each other in all aspects, she can assure that she knows him..better than he knows himself.
For a fact, it is usually a girl who takes care of the minute things in a relationship, but their story was different.
He knew how bad her mood was and to her surprise he had the solutions too πŸ™‚
His lame jokes, were something she would always break into laughter !
His back hugs were her favorite and gave her a feeling of being safe in his arms ! He pampered her like a little princess-HIS PRINCESS !
They trusted each other blindly. None of them lied: The only rule of relationship, lying spoils the bond..the girl believed !
No, he wasn’t perfect, but he was the one for her.
“Thanking you for teaching me how to ride a scooty.
For all the hugs and kisses I ever received. You know back hugs will always remain my favorite.
Thanks for handling and taking care of me, during my monthly drama.
I have always said it and I say it again, you are the most understanding person, I have ever known.
Thanks for listening to my endless stories !
Thank you for saying sorry when I was too adamant to say it.
Thank you for coming whenever and where ever I asked you to meet me !
Thank you for staying.
Thank you for keeping an angel’s eye on me. :)”

These are the thoughts she always wanted him to know. People thought they were meant to be but, destiny had its own way!

He has become very rude and blunt towards her now. Towards the same lady he “loved” for three long years. She is not the same too. It’s the feelings she suppress and he doesn’t get to know. As he fallsΒ for someone else.

Who says it doesn’t hurt ? It definitely does, to her. To see that he shares his first kiss with someone new :). Nothing will ever come back now, she doesn’t want him to come back now, so she steps back with a silent smile. πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on ““THE SILENT SMILE”

  1. It’s kind of sensitive, short story.
    Beautifully expressed the intricacies of feelings and emotions in a few words. Loved it!


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