One fine day, she sat with her daughter who was around 23. Getting dressed up to get married. When she realised, that what if she would have got married to the love of her life and to someone who was found to be a little more perfect with respect to the matching of two papers. Maybe according to the stars her husband is keeping her happy in terms of materialistic things and you know when a lady gets what she wants, she is always on the ninth cloud. However, what if she was married to that one person she knew for a longer period of time. Maybe, he wouldn’t have been a great husband by the measures of diamond and gifts but he would have given her immense love, would cook with her if taking her out on a dinner date was not affordable. Moreover, would let her complete her ambitious goals. For he, knew her dreams and wouldn’t want to shatter those. She wasn’t one of those who would want to sit at home and take care of her family, yes of course who wouldn’t want to have a family of four, living under one shelter ? But, her goal in life was to fly high in the sky, to become the air hostess of one of the leading airline companies. They had it all planned in such a way that none of their careers would have got affected. What actually shattered her dream was not her husband but the decision that was made after matching those two sheets. Who knew, jobs would be such an important aspect for a boy but not for a girl.

As she covered her daughter’s head with the shagun ki chunni, she asked her
“Are you happy, dear ?”
And with pain hidden behind a beautiful smile she said “Yes, Ma!”

Yet again, another heart was broken with dreams being shattered.
Somethings just carry on like unrealistic rituals. 🙂


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