Many of us know the line “money can’t buy us happiness.” However, many of us also know that it contradicts itself a lot when talked about materialistic happiness. We all live in a society where we have people who belong to the upper and lower class yes, of course there are more subs to the above mentioned two categories. What helps us distinguish between these two categories ? Is it the level of happiness or the amount of money one holds as liquid or at banks.
Ever noticed, family at restaurants and those at footpaths ? At both the places we see the members of the family having their meal though, the family at footpath might not be able to afford four different dishes but is definitely able to afford happiness and togetherness. They end up eating in one plate which further teaches their children the true meaning of sharing is caring. The learning doesn’t stop here, children if observant will also realise the sacrifice their parents make just to fill the little tummies. I’m not saying that parents from the upper class category don’t sacrifice, of course they do but their children often don’t notice.
We usually relate the term billionaire with the number of green crispy notes one owns. This is because we start to adopt those things which we are surrounded by and unfortunately we all are in a trap. A trap, where we don’t know what to chose, money or inner happiness. Yes, we all would say “inner happiness” but how many of us would be truthful to ourselves while answering that ?
Shouldn’t we change our perspective and start to think about the qualities in a person that could make her/him a billionaire ? Billionaire in terms of the qualities one has. When we come to think about it we all must see that life teaches us everything, at the right time. We need to let life take us in the direction it wants to, instead of altering the ways. By altering we will never be able to come out of our comfort zone and do something extraordinary. One also needs to build some qualities not for the world but for themselves so that they find inner peace. Make the term selfish, selfless. Do for others without any expectations and you’ll definitely become a billionaire monk with a beautiful heart! 🙂


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