Many of us know the line “money can’t buy us happiness.” However, many of us also know that it contradicts itself a lot when talked about materialistic happiness. We all live in a society where we have people who belong to the upper and lower class yes, of course there are more subs to the above mentioned two categories. What helps us distinguish between these two categories ? Is it the level of happiness or the amount of money one holds as liquid or at banks.
Ever noticed, family at restaurants and those at footpaths ? At both the places we see the members of the family having their meal though, the family at footpath might not be able to afford four different dishes but is definitely able to afford happiness and togetherness. They end up eating in one plate which further teaches their children the true meaning of sharing is caring. The learning doesn’t stop here, children if observant will also realise the sacrifice their parents make just to fill the little tummies. I’m not saying that parents from the upper class category don’t sacrifice, of course they do but their children often don’t notice.
We usually relate the term billionaire with the number of green crispy notes one owns. This is because we start to adopt those things which we are surrounded by and unfortunately we all are in a trap. A trap, where we don’t know what to chose, money or inner happiness. Yes, we all would say “inner happiness” but how many of us would be truthful to ourselves while answering that ?
Shouldn’t we change our perspective and start to think about the qualities in a person that could make her/him a billionaire ? Billionaire in terms of the qualities one has. When we come to think about it we all must see that life teaches us everything, at the right time. We need to let life take us in the direction it wants to, instead of altering the ways. By altering we will never be able to come out of our comfort zone and do something extraordinary. One also needs to build some qualities not for the world but for themselves so that they find inner peace. Make the term selfish, selfless. Do for others without any expectations and you’ll definitely become a billionaire monk with a beautiful heart! 🙂



One fine day, she sat with her daughter who was around 23. Getting dressed up to get married. When she realised, that what if she would have got married to the love of her life and to someone who was found to be a little more perfect with respect to the matching of two papers. Maybe according to the stars her husband is keeping her happy in terms of materialistic things and you know when a lady gets what she wants, she is always on the ninth cloud. However, what if she was married to that one person she knew for a longer period of time. Maybe, he wouldn’t have been a great husband by the measures of diamond and gifts but he would have given her immense love, would cook with her if taking her out on a dinner date was not affordable. Moreover, would let her complete her ambitious goals. For he, knew her dreams and wouldn’t want to shatter those. She wasn’t one of those who would want to sit at home and take care of her family, yes of course who wouldn’t want to have a family of four, living under one shelter ? But, her goal in life was to fly high in the sky, to become the air hostess of one of the leading airline companies. They had it all planned in such a way that none of their careers would have got affected. What actually shattered her dream was not her husband but the decision that was made after matching those two sheets. Who knew, jobs would be such an important aspect for a boy but not for a girl.

As she covered her daughter’s head with the shagun ki chunni, she asked her
“Are you happy, dear ?”
And with pain hidden behind a beautiful smile she said “Yes, Ma!”

Yet again, another heart was broken with dreams being shattered.
Somethings just carry on like unrealistic rituals. 🙂


What a flirt he was, will he ever be serious for me ? Was on question that bothered the girl. She was new to the school, when she saw this tall and thin guy entering the class late. There was something about him, that attracted the little girl towards him..mind you despite of a warning from her father 🙂

She was in her best uniform, while he had red shoelaces in his white school shoes and he kept flaunting his new phone.
All they did in the class was to fight like “Tom and Jerry” but somewhere between these small disagreements, arguments and laughter the girl became sure of her feelings, but the boy got close to her only for her friend.

But today, after three years of knowing each other in all aspects, she can assure that she knows him..better than he knows himself.
For a fact, it is usually a girl who takes care of the minute things in a relationship, but their story was different.
He knew how bad her mood was and to her surprise he had the solutions too 🙂
His lame jokes, were something she would always break into laughter !
His back hugs were her favorite and gave her a feeling of being safe in his arms ! He pampered her like a little princess-HIS PRINCESS !
They trusted each other blindly. None of them lied: The only rule of relationship, lying spoils the bond..the girl believed !
No, he wasn’t perfect, but he was the one for her.
“Thanking you for teaching me how to ride a scooty.
For all the hugs and kisses I ever received. You know back hugs will always remain my favorite.
Thanks for handling and taking care of me, during my monthly drama.
I have always said it and I say it again, you are the most understanding person, I have ever known.
Thanks for listening to my endless stories !
Thank you for saying sorry when I was too adamant to say it.
Thank you for coming whenever and where ever I asked you to meet me !
Thank you for staying.
Thank you for keeping an angel’s eye on me. :)”

These are the thoughts she always wanted him to know. People thought they were meant to be but, destiny had its own way!

He has become very rude and blunt towards her now. Towards the same lady he “loved” for three long years. She is not the same too. It’s the feelings she suppress and he doesn’t get to know. As he falls for someone else.

Who says it doesn’t hurt ? It definitely does, to her. To see that he shares his first kiss with someone new :). Nothing will ever come back now, she doesn’t want him to come back now, so she steps back with a silent smile. 🙂



Aren’t we all living beings, 

then why brutally cut someone who has a life more than we think ?

The little girl when entered a place of her dream,

she felt as if she belonged to it and not to the lavish cream.

Why aren’t the trees cared about ?

Was her only doubt !

Is it the hurt that no one understands,

Or is it the need for land ?

“If you think that trees don’t feel the pain,

then i’m sorry you are highly mistaken.”

They feel the sharp edges of the axe cut through them,

Not leaving a single stem.

“I’ll save you my friend,

And stand here till the very end.”

The next morning when she sees,

there was not one, but many trees.

Who was the saviour she was looking around,

She saw a man sowing seeds in the ground.

‘I’m as old as that tree, my mother sowed’

To the little girl he said,

‘It’s not one tree that matters,

Because we do need a tree to build a ladder.

The world is a monster,

But you are a saviour, so don’t wonder.

And start working by sowing a few seeds,

To save YOUR world from the monster’s deeds.’ 🙂


It’s almost time, it’s time she is about to leave, the doctors exclaimed. Just these two lines shook her entire family, yet there was this one person who still had the last hope that she’ll survive cancer. There was this person who thought cancer was just another hurdle in her life. It will not choke her, she’ll not let that happen to herself. Yes, the word is as small as a six letter word, but it’s painful to go through it. The person believed that she, the one fighting cancer is a warrior. All of us are warriors. The one who did not give up on hope, was the patient herself.

She survived. Not only because of all the prayers around her, but because she had a will to fight for herself. To not give up on something that shakes most of our hearts. We don’t know what will happen, we don’t know if tomorrow will ever arrive ? All we know is that we have today, we have the moment, why cry and waste these moments too ? Why not build beautiful memories with beautiful people around us ?
There are people who are fighting every second ! Fighting for food, shelter and unfortunately there is a fight for humanity too.
Fighting and not giving up are distinguished by a very fine line. While you fight for something, you tend to involve and prove a point to the world. However, not giving up on the last hope is just something you are aware of. You don’t need to satisfy any other person, as you and your heart knows that you are strong enough to face it all. In fact face it all in a very calm and composed manner, in a way that could only bring in the result with either a yes or a no. In a way that will not create a chaos.
Let the last hope live, for you don’t know when the situation changes. Of course, there is zero guarantee for the situation to be in your favour.
But, what if ?
The answer to this positive attitude will be achieved only when the first step towards, not giving up is taken. 🙂


Out of all the promises there laid one, which was not spoken,
the relationship of a father and a daughter could only create laughter.
A father is the only man,
who tells his daughter that she can.
She can run the world,
even with all the whirl.
He was the man of his words,
but this time it wasn’t the words but the actions that did wonders.
She didn’t need a teacher,
when she had her father.
For he taught her the most difficult lessons,
by giving her the most simple reasons.
She grew up doing a lot of mistakes,
but she found her father standing with an ice cream stick.
To make her understand,
the world is not about all the broken bands.
There is more to life,
but you achieve it only when you strive.
He always told her to set the goals,
the she could achieve with all her roles.
The roles one plays in their life,
either brings in happiness or makes one walk on a knife.
Nothing comes easy but, I would stay,
the father would only say. 🙂


It was her wedding day, and nope she didn’t choose a very bright red coloured *ghagra* for herself. Instead she decided to go for a very light shade of pink & off-white. Her mother kept telling her, how light colour clothes don’t suit such occasions, she was superstitious.

But the bride wore what her going-to-be husband wanted her to wear. Love was in the air…for her. 🙂

Today was a special day for him too, he was nervous about it all. He was happy too, finally his dream was about to come true. As he was ready to go, he made sure he remembered to keep the photo of the one he loved in his wallet. He said to himself, that his love for her will never die. He prepared a gift, wrapping it with a sheet which had hearts all around.

The two were so madly, deeply in love that they decided to break a ritual and go see each other before the marriage. As they saw each other, both turned their colours, she turned red..blushing while while she moved towards him. He turned red too, trying to hide his anger. Suddenly there was a noise beyond the calmness between them. The noise of the bullet, was the brides gift.

While he said, “you killed my love & now it’s your turn to die.” She replied saying “thank you so much for marrying me.”

As the blood rolled down from the middle of her head, the ritual of the *sindoor* was done.

Who knew the *ghagra’s* colour would change into crimson red.